Mulvesta develops all projects at its own expense and risk. We only work with renowned construction companies.


From the redevelopment of existing properties to the construction of completely new complexes, Mulvesta manages everything in house.

We are not deterred by poor maintenance. On the contrary, we see it as an opportunity to add value. We are particularly interested in special buildings, such as listed buildings. Properties that do not meet contemporary standards of comfort are renovated, while maintaining their authentic character.

We are also involved in the redevelopment of areas designated for commercial use into residential or combined residential/commercial districts. By acquiring property in such areas, we are able to respond proactively and contribute to the development of new residential areas.

It goes without saying that we aim to deliver sustainable and energy-neutral solutions. This applies to both the development of new projects and the renovation and redevelopment of existing properties. Our team is always on the lookout for relevant innovations and applies them in creative ways. In this way, we always deliver high-quality, future-proof properties